Some birth control pills could pose a danger if you have diabetes

There are a number of oral contraceptives that can place you at a substantially higher risk of side effects that could adversely affect their health. This is particularly right if you suffer from a disease like diabetes, which can hurt your kidneys.

control pills birth in question contain an ingredient unique progestin called drospirenone. Drospirenone may raise potassium levels in your blood. If your potassium level is high can lead to a condition known as hyperkalemia.Potassium helps regulate muscle activity, including regulating your heart (heart) muscle. Is a key element involved in muscle contraction. It is also necessary for many enzymes to function properly.found mostly in the bones of the skeleton and muscles, interacts with sodium potassium to facilitate the normal flow between the body’s cells and body fluids (homeostasis).The kidneys regulate the concentration of potassium in your body. When functioning normally the amount of potassium in your diet is all that your body needs. And if there is any excess is excreted.But, if hyperkalemia occurs, then an imbalance would occur due to dysfunction of these normal processes.Most people have ninety-eight percent of potassium in cells of various tissues. Only two percent circulates in the blood. But, in the event of hyperkalemia, the cells can release potassium in the bloodstream.When the kidneys are functioning normally remove any excess potassium from your body. If your kidneys are hurt by diseases such as diabetes, excess potassium can stay in your body. Then it can be the cause of some serious illnesses. Heart attacks, cardiac arrhythmias, stroke and blood clots could result.Because of all the risks associated with high levels of potassium in your body you should discuss your choice of birth control pills with your doctor.This is especially vital if you are genetically predisposed to diseases like diabetes that can hurt your kidneys. If there is any doubt in your mind, then you should consider a serum potassium test done as a precaution before beginning any regimen of oral contraceptives.Hyperkalemia is also known as hyperkalemia and potassium.

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